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Oh no, not another social network!

Well we could claim it's not one and we'd be half-right. If you take a look at how other social networking sites act
and work you'll see we certainly aren't just another site following in their footsteps.
We don't use any of your information without your express consent.
You own the rights to all the information and can share it with us if you want to help us out.

We believe people within the network should decide what's going on. Therefore we will enable a constant feedback process to decide what changes you want and integrate all your ideas into the network.

Why make it about health?

Most importantly we believe social networks should be there to help and support their members and this is why we have integrated a health side to Moodwheel. What better way of helping others than by sharing your experience and insight in how to deal with a problem.
We believe that the best advice comes from people who had/have the same problems so don't hesitate to connect with them in the Chat Rooms or build your own network around your interest.

We encourage users to help us build a shared pool of knowledge which others can access for support.

Help and be helped where it matters most, your health!

Spin the Moodwheel!

Feel like doing something, but you're not sure what? Make that nagging feeling go away with recommendations from other users, tailored to your mood.
All the choices you make while using the Moodwheel will help us decide what direction to send you to based on other people's similar experiences.
All our recommendations are given by other users and you can contribute as well if you feel like sharing your insight.

Everything that interests you in one place!

The Crossroads page contains a mix of information formed by posts by your friends and those relevant to your interests.
Moodwheel automatically selects information shared by people on your friends list and others who share your interests and concerns and compiles a relevant report for your eyes only.
Start the day with getting up to speed on what's been happening around.

Submit your own work!

Share your experience or browse what others have created in these two sections of Moodwheel:
Story of the Day There are no rules on what you can write. Be it inspiring, touching or just funny, your story will take part in a selection procedure and if chosen will be displayed on everyone's homepage and will be available in the Story of the Day archive.
View some of our members stories

Talent Showcase In this section you can submit any artistic endeavor you are proud of and wish to share with others. Again, if chosen it will be displayed in this section as the daily pick or will be accessible in the archive.
View some of our members showcases

Organize events or meet up, your choice!

Your Events section enables you to plan events or activities with friends and people who share your interests. Feel free to invite friends to events you created or simply browse open events that suit your interests.

Connect in real time!

The Diaglog section enables you to talk to your friends or make new ones by joining rooms dedicated to specific interests or problems. Any time you want to talk to someone you can choose to do so from the bar at the bottom of the page.

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